Armizare Curriculum Guides

These four PDF files contain an abbreviated version of our curriculum, and after you’ve completed the first steps as a Novizio, they will help guide you and your instructor toward making the most of your training time. The curriculum and Scholar ranks are designed to break down the system of Armizare for you into understandable chunks, so you understand where you are within it and where you want to be. Take a look at them every few lessons to assess how you’re progressing, but remember:

Highlighted subjects are new for your rank.
Un-highlighted subject are already known, but may require higher grades with a new rank.
Greyed out subjects aren’t expected for this rank.
You arent LIMITED by the subjects for your rank, but they are what you’ll be judged on for advancement.
This is heavilly abbreviated; some subjects sound vague, but instructors will know exactly what’s meant.

Scholar Rank 1: Apprendista
Scholar Rank 2: Giocatore
Scholar Rank 3: Compagno
Scholar Rank 4: Scolaro

*As of this writing, during the transition between 2017-2018, the curriculum is undergoing some edits and updates. Ask your instructor for up-to-date info!