1. Training weapons and protective gear must be in good condition. Otherwise we endanger everyone in the room.

2. Endeavor to wear gloves at all times while handling weapons with steel components.

3. Observe “safe positions” for holding training weapons during instruction.

4. Respect our training venue and leave it in good condition.

5. Participate in warm-up activities to the best of your ability.

6. Do not attend training impaired by any substance, medication, or condition that may be unsafe.

7. Arrive in hygienic condition and in appropriate clothing.

8. No jewelry, rings, or necklaces should be worn during training.

9. Groin protection is highly recommended for general training, and absolutely required for free play.

10. Fencing masks must be worn while weapons are in use, except by a demonstrating instructor or in a supervised drill that specifically requires less protection.

11. While masks are worn, nonverbal cues such as salutes should be observed to confirm readiness.

12. An instructor should be informed of any injury that happens in training.

13. Instructors are responsible to carry a first aid kit.

14. Respect others and never discourage an honest effort.

15. Though interpretations may vary members, the interpretation of the current instructor should be followed during group training.