Another long-overdue update! Training has continued steadily since the last, with all the expected ups and downs of holiday seasons and summer breaks. Membership numbers remain strong, curricula are becoming more familiar and fine-tuned, and regular attendees are seeing noticable improvements over their skills last year. Yet there have also been a few firsts and notable events to speak of.

2017 Beginner Courses Starting 6/9

It’s time for another round of beginners to join our club! We accept new people throughout most of the year, but there is no better way to start than during our once-yearly fall intake. Dedicated weekly training time, in a dedicated space, with an instructor dedicated entirely to teaching the foundations… for three full months. There is no obligation for the first two lessons, so you can try it out and decide if it suits you.

Fall beginner courses begin on 6/9 in Italian longsword, and I.33 sword & buckler will start on 8/9. See the fall schedule in the sidebar for time and location!


THEMA Article on

It was a pleasure to accommodate journalist Sanna Ihalainen as she researched HEMA for an article in Kotilääkäri and Seura this summer. HEMA is seen more and more often in publications around the world lately, as the community grows and people take notice… and this is one of the more accurate, hands-on articles out there, definitely worth a spot on our front page! Check out the impressions of someone who picked up a sword for the first time during one of our Sunday sessions. And if you have a friend on the fence about joining up, show it to them, too. It might help dispel some of the anxiety of not knowing what to expect.

Historiallisessa miekkailussa palataan keskiajalle – Mitä tapahtuu, kun ensikertalainen saa miekan käteensä?

THEMA Logo Shirts & Patches

At long last, club logo gear is coming! A t-shirt order form has been posted to our Facebook group, and patches for fencing jackets will hopefully follow soon after.

2016 Passage of Arms in Review

Congratulations are in order for many who participated in our first Passage of Arms event. For readers who don’t know, the Passage of Arms is an event held to celebrate those members who have reached a new rank in our club by demonstrating a strong understanding of the curriculum for their chosen art(s), at their current rank. Each was invited to participate because they had already earned their new rank, and each fought three rounds against different opponents, demonstrating their competence for their peers and assembled spectators. Friends and family were present, and we hope they enjoyed it as much as we did! We hope to do it bigger and better every time. A Passage of Arms will be called again whenever instructors deem there are enough newly-ranked students to warrant one.

Summer Sword & Shield Event

It’s a rite of passage among many HEMA clubs, as they grow, to eventually give something to the wider local community by hosting an event. This year, THEMA held a seminar weekend devoted to the use of sword and shield.

On Saturday, Ilkka Hartikainen of Tavastia Fencing Society and introduced us to techniques of the Bolognese rotella, in combination with the sidesword. The rotella is perhaps the only large shield with as many historical sources, and nearly everyone finds it interesting… yet its use is one of the least widespread historical arts. We’re glad we had the chance to learn more about it! On Sunday, we explored I.33 sword and buckler as taught by Cornelius Berthold, flying in from Hammaborg. Though i.33 is practiced worldwide, interpretations of its techniques are as colorful as the manual’s mysterious pages. Cornelius presented a practical, well-developed understanding of the art in its historical context. We thank both of these instructors for their time; we surely consider it will spent!